Aloha. My name is Juan-Carlos Foust. I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the southeastern United States. My mother’s family is Puerto Rican descended from Spanish. My father’s American descended from German and Irish. I moved to California in 2009 and have called the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state home since October 2020. Much of my personal time is spent volunteering with the Port Townsend Psychedelic Society and REACH WA, the Responsible Entheogen Access and Community Healing Coalition. As an engineer at Zymergen (now Ginkgo Bioworks), I build tools to train microscopic organisms how to more sustainably produce useful compounds without reliance on fossil fuels as feedstock. From 2019-2022 I helped accelerate the decarbonization of our electrical grid by developing energy trading systems for sources of renewable power. I believe we are here to be compassionate and to help the universe know itself.

I also volunteer for Burning Man’s Technology, Ranger, and GP&E departments.

Outside of work and volunteering, I enjoy reading, traveling, movement, and stillness.