Hello there. I’m Juan-Carlos Foust, an independent consultant who specializes in bringing products to life on iOS. If you want to ship an important new feature or construct a new app from the ground up, let’s talk.

What can I do for you?

Here are some of the services I offer:


  • Bootstrap a new project to demonstrate a proof-of-concept, providing a scalable foundation and helping onboard new engineers to take over development.
  • Implement and fully integrate new features into your app including rich, custom UI.
  • Add robust communication between your app and BLE hardware.
  • Migrate critical infrastructure to a Swift web service.

Devops, debugging, and performance optimization

  • Reduce and simplify your project’s dependency structure.
  • Add scripts to automate mundane tasks or set up continuous integration to speed up your build and release process.
  • Diagnose performance bottlenecks, bugs, and crashes.
  • Optimize your existing code for speed, memory, and battery usage.

Advising and code review

  • Help refine product goals, define MVP, and distill design and engineering deliverables from product requirements.
  • Review code and architectural decisions, make suggestions, and consult on how to implement them.
  • Suggest architectural or organizational changes to reduce complexity, address sources of instability, increase testability, and reduce maintenance costs.

More about me

In the past I’ve worked on enterprise web applications for doctors, web and mobile SDKs for developers, control interfaces for neurostimulation devices, data visualizations for patients, social networks for healthy communities, and robust messaging apps for college students.

I’ve worked at large companies, at startups, and as an independent contractor. My focus is on doing high quality work while building empathy in the world. When you hire me, you’ll be guaranteed a good working relationship, attention to detail, and a product we can both be proud of.

(Some) iOS apps I have worked on:


Contact information available upon request: